Acacia Learning CIPD Diploma in Human Resources in Kuwait


The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is the world’s largest professional body for those involved in the management and development of people. It has over 140,000 members across 120 countries, and 12,000 professionals train with CIPD qualifications and certifications each year. Their qualifications are highly sought-after and often required by employers, as they set the standard for HR professionals. They’ll put your head and shoulders above the competition in any business’s eyes, and fully prepare you to excel in an HR role. And you don’t need to wait until you’ve achieved your qualification to start reaping the benefits. Even putting the words ‘Studying towards CIPD’ on your CV will open doors, helping you:

  • Increase in salary
  • Earn promotions
  • Get headhunted by recruiters


Who is ACACIA Learning?

Acacia Learning is a centre of excellence based in the UK and Saudi Arabia specialised in Human Resources, Learning & Development, leadership and management programmes, that delivers the highest, most flexible and quality professional qualifications to clients internationally for over ten years.
ACACIA is an Approved Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) centre delivering the Level 3, Level 5 and Level 7 Human Resource qualifications in Kuwait. They have been recognised as one of the best CIPD training centres.
In this effort, QEATI has joined in partnership with ACACIA to deliver CIPD diplomas in the state of Kuwait jointly.


Why ACACIA & QEATI for CIPD Diploma in Kuwait?

There are several reason to choose ACACIA and QEATI:

  • 100% pass rate for CIPD Diploma in HR level 3 & level 5 in Kuwait & KSA
  • 92% pass rate for CIPD Diploma in HR level 3
  • 96.4% pass rate for CIPD Diploma in HR level 5
  • 91% pass rate for CIPD Diploma Level 7. Exam pass rate (55% Merit & Distinction)
  • More flexible study options than competitors
  • Study skills session plus full access to Acacia Study Skills videos
  • Access to Acacia Learning’s online Student Hub with full course resources written by            industry experts
  • A welcoming community of experienced tutors, as well as Acacia’s friendly support team
  • Plentiful opportunities to meet like-minded professionals and create lifelong connections
  • Contact your expert CIPD tutor anytime – just send a message or arrange a call
  • Highly competitive prices without compromising on quality
  • Detailed written feedback on assignments at the end of each module
  • All our tutors are CIPD Chartered Members, Fellows, or Academic Associates
  • Celebratory Graduation events and our annual Awards night

What CIPD Diploma Level Suits you?

The different CIPD levels provide a qualification route throughout your career. The CIPD levels are each designed to support progression at different points in your career but don’t always have to be taken in order.
Acacia Learning (the approved CIPD Training provider) in partnership with QEATI can deliver CIPD Diploma in Human Resources level 3 and 5 in Kuwait.

Level 3

Foundation Certificate in People Practice

A practical qualification in Human Resources, perfect if you are:
  • New to HR
  • HR administrator
  • Seeking to Improve Team Performance
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Level 5

Associate Diploma in People Management

Combines application of skills with exploring theory and research. An ideal level for those:
  • Already in an HR Advisor Role
  • Looking to Move into Management
  • Who Already have a Degree
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Level 7

Advanced Diploma in Strategic People Management

Combines application of skills with exploring theory and research. An ideal level for those:
  • Already in an HR executive role
  • Can strategically lead and direct organisations and their people
  • Who influence people practitioners and organisations
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